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Welcome to our world of music. This band you'll come to know is .....

 "The Boss Hogg Band" 

A name befitting a group that has gone through the "natural change" of growth and development, that has defined our signature sound, as well as each of us growing in our musical talents and skills. Originally formed almost 2 years ago, the group started with four members and later came down to the present three. Over the years our friendship has grown to be like blood brothers as well as our musical bonds, which in itself defines the very fiber and cohesivness of the band.

Cast of band members:

Ralph Buchheit - Lead guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals

Ric Conrad - Percussion

Mike Dzierzeski - Bass, lead vocals, backing vocals

We'd like to take time and give thanks first and foremost to our families, who have supported us from the beginning, Now, and until the end. Secondly, to all of our faithful fans, we thank you so much for supporting us and following us from place to place, unwaivering in your loyalty to us, we are truly indebted to you. Soon, we plan to at least have the first single from our CD ready to go. We know you've been anxiously awaiting a CD  from us, we're just as anxious to get it out there.

 Continue to come out and see us, and we hope you enjoy our website.

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